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New Blossom Cleaning Services also provides excellent school cleaning services. It is very important for schools and colleges to maintain hygiene and cleanliness to stop the spreading of germs and diseases.

Our school cleaning services in Dubai ensure that high standards, hygienic products are used. The products used are safe, toxin free and environment-friendly, so once the students and teachers enter the school, no dangerous or hazardous fumes are ventilating in the halls and classrooms. Furthermore, as we are ISO Certified we do not use strong chemicals such as Dettol and Chlorox that are harmful to children.


Our cleaning service providers are professionals. They know what exactly your demands and expectations are. Some of the services covered are:

  • Dusting properly every corner of the school rooms, including tables, boards and benches.
  • Removal of insects, webs and germs
  • Emptying trash bin. Cleaning dustbins, removal of all the garbage’s in schools.
  • Cleaning desks, workplaces and stations of the staff. Settling the tables again
  • Cleaning the kitchen and canteen spaces.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the floors, tables, utilities and tools like telephone, dusters etc
  • Ensuring the restroom facility is clean and sanitized.

If you school cleaning services managed by the authority, we can still assist you. We provide excellent services in school cleaning across the whole Dubai.

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